Acropolis - stylish eyeglasses cases

Acropolis company was founded in 1996 and today is one of the largest manufacturers of cases and accessories for glasses in Ukraine. The range of our products is large and has over 200 kinds of various models. Each season we create cases of original design of leatherette, plastic, microfiber, genuine leather, linen, jeans, tarpaulins, and metal. For the most demanding customers, we offer products made of cork, wood and exotic leather reptiles.
TM "Acropolis" knows what should be a high-quality and modern case for glasses, which not only protects them from damage, but will also emphasize your individual style and status!

The perfect (5-layer) case design:
top coat (artificial / natural leather of European manufacture);
elastic cardboard of high density of domestic production;
tin (aluminum) of domestic production;
elastic cardboard of high density of domestic production;
lining - artificial suede of European manufacture.
Quality Italian fittings (buttons, magnets, holniteny, corners, etc.).


Use of natural materials (natural leather, wood, tarpaulin, flax).


Firmware of the case around the perimeter (polyester thread, stitch "overlock").


F-50/46. Eyeglass case
F-100/02 Glasses case
F-100/04 Case for sunglasses
F-50/52 Glasses case
F-70/02 Сase for glasses
F-02/05 Case for sunglasses
F-50/45. Eyeglass case
F-50/44. Eyeglass case

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